Flooré underfloor heating pipes

Premium underfloor heating pipes

The Flooré underfloor heating tubing is a dimensionally stable, high-quality pipe that is suitable for every type of water-based underfloor heating. The underfloor heating tubing can handle an operating temperature of up to 95°C and an operating pressure of 10 bar. The multi-layer pipe consists of a seamlessly welded aluminum pipe with an inner and outer layer of crosslinked polyethylene, combining the benefits of aluminum and plastic. The aluminum pipe ensures total protection against oxygen permeation and retains its shape, while the layers of plastic minimize wear and tear and eliminate noise.

Efficient heating pipework

Good thermal conductivity means that the pipe transfers the heat more easily.

Very resistant

The external and internal tubes are made of electron beam crosslinked polyethylene. The pipe is therefore not exposed to wear and tear, even at high temperatures and flow rates.

Drinking water and chemical liquids

The pipe meets the most stringent toxicological and hygiene specifications. It is totally suitable for transporting drinking water. The pipe is also resistant to a variety of chemical liquids.

Can withstand temperature and pressure

It can withstand an operating temperature of up to 95°C, and the maximum permissible operating pressure is 10 bar.

No distracting noise

Unlike pipes made of pure plastic or metal, there is no distracting noise as a result of extended length, squeaking from an external oxygen diffusion barrier or whining noise from the water flow.

Long service life

We always provide a 10-year warranty covering manufacturing defects, but the minimum expected service life is 50 years if the tube is used in accordance with the stated pressure and temperature specifications.
Premium underfloor heating pipes

Dimensional stability

The pipe will retain the desired shape after bending, which simplifies and streamlines the pipe installation operation.
Dimensional stability


Be careful when installing the tubing. Calibrate/trim the seam’s inner edge so that the pipe joint’s O-ring is not damaged.
Calibrate the pipe

Flooré also sells plastic underfloor heating tubing.
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Standard underfloor heating pipes

Our standard heating pipes are made of PE-RT plastic. The material is particularly suitable for underfloor heating and with over 35 years of experience in the industry, we can assure you that it has been well tested. PE-RT is the next generation of heating pipes and is set to become increasingly more common than, for example, popular PEX pipes, which have long been the industry standard. A simpler production process and better technical characteristics make PE-RT pipes cheaper and more flexible, and they can be laid outside even at lower temperatures without becoming stiff.


Even at low temperatures

Affordable solution


Soft and flexible
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Premium underfloor heating pipes

Pipe with an aluminium core Premium pipes to suit all forms of warm water underfloor heating Working temperature of up to 95°C Working pressure 6 bar Dimensionally stable, no bracket required 100 per cent sealed, giving your heating system a longer service life Conducts heat better, making your heat pump more efficient Material consumption c/c 125 mm 8 m/m2 c/c 150 mm 6,7 m/m2 c/c 192 mm 5,25 m/m2 c/c 200 mm 5 m/m2 c/c 300 mm 3,4 m/m2 Maximum length per loop 12 x 1.6 mm 65 m 16x2,0 mm 90 m 20x2,0 mm 120 m
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Standard underfloor heating pipes

These affordable and flexible, high-quality pipes are suitable for all forms of warm water underfloor heating – Flexible even at low temperatures – Affordable solution – Easy-to-work, soft and flexible