Underfloor heating at a square meter price

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To make calculating the costs for underfloor heating projects easier, Flooré offers a square meter price for Flooré underfloor heating along with traditional embedding systems. Our square meter prices are given for different designs so that you can choose whether you want underfloor heating with a low installation height, extra insulation or embedded in concrete.

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As the thermostats, shunts, manifolds, fittings, installation cabinets and fixing materials you need vary according to each project, we have decided to exclude this from the actual square meter price. Assistance is usually required with product selection, estimating material requirements, pipe layout drawings, and technical calculations. Our engineers can offer you help with this.

The first step is for you to get in touch with one of our distributors, providing information about areas and requirements. Of course, you can also contact us directly. We can help you with product selection, estimating material requirements, and a quotation.

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Underfloor heating with panelsEmbedded underfloor heating
Flooré Kit - Vattenburen golvvärme paket


One of our projects may include:
– Consultancy, planning, and drawings
– Flooré underfloor heating panels
– Traditional embedding systems
– Shunt for the appropriate size
– Manifold with 2–10 outlets
– One or more room thermostats (wireless or wired)
– Smart room control
– Pipe fittings

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Prices by sqm for Flooré embedded underfloor heating

m2 price for complete kit

  • Pipe support rail or cable ties
  • Underfloor heating pipes
  • Pipe fittings
  • Design drawing provided at no extra charge

– 16 mm pipe for smaller areas <150 m2 – 20 mm pipe for larger areas > 150 m2 – c/c 200 mm for living areas – c/c 300 mm for garages and industrial applications.