Buy Flooré products

Flooré products can be purchased via the distributors listed on this page. There are also many HVAC companies and other companies all over Sweden that sell and can install our products. If you are an installer, you can buy our products through your wholesaler. Get in touch with us and we’ll help you locate a distributor near you.

Telephone: +46 (0)10-221 64 00

Flooré worldwide

You can buy Flooré products from our international distributors. These companies resell our products under Flooré brand or its own brand name (OEM).

Reseller Flooré brand

Reseller own brand name.

Flooré in Sweden, online and in stores:

Köp Flooré på BauhausKöp Flooré på K-RautaKöp Flooré på StuvbutikenKöp Flooré på Beijer Bygg

Flooré in Sweden, online:

Köp Flooré på Bygghemma.seKöp Flooré på ByggmaxKöp Flooré på RörprodukterKöp Flooré på BuildorKöp Flooré på BadshopKöp Flooré på GolvshopKöp Flooré på ByggshopKöp Flooré på VVS-butiken