Panels that you can easily lay yourself
Suitable for all floors and floor surfaces
Easy to cut
No special tools required
Can be walked on immediately

Warm feet - it’s your right!

We want everyone to be able to enjoy constant, comfortable heating in their own home, without using up too much energy. I’m sure we are all agreed on that. Flooré’s entire product range has been developed on the basis that anyone should be able to lay our underfloor heating. We will guide you through the process for creating a life-long, pleasant indoor climate. Our solutions offer the total opposite to rooms heated with radiators, which are prone to uneven heat distribution and build-up of dust, as well as restricting your interior design options.

Do it yourself!

Our smart panels make it easy to lay your underfloor heating yourself. Our DIY kit makes it even easier.
DIY kitKit up to 24 m²

Help with planning

All we need from you is a sketch of your room(s) and we can help you with product calculation, planning and drawings.
Underfloor heating guideGet a free quotation

Support along the way

Need support?
We are just a phone call away.

+46 10 221 64 00
Suitable for both new builds and renovation projects
Increase the value of your home
Control the heating in different rooms separately
Turn down the heating when you are not at home
More even heating = more comfortable heating



That bit smarter – giving you time to spend on the things that really matter.

It’s just common sense really – when you’re at work or your children are at school, there is no need to keep all your rooms heated. Flooré Smart Home helps you keep energy costs down, both at home and in holiday homes. Flooré panels are quick to respond when you change the temperature settings, reaching your desired temperature within as little as 45 minutes. With conventional systems this can take up to eight hours! We have developed smart solutions to suit all situations, whether you are building a new house or renovating your existing home. Our solutions are smart because they are easy to install, provide efficient heating and increase the value of your home.
Check the heating via your cellphoneA smart choice providing peace of mind

Gone out for the day? You can use the mobile app to turn up the heating for when you get home, and you can place your wet clothes on the floor for quicker drying.


The feeling of heat in a room is important. A room that is heated by underfloor heating feels warmer than a room with a radiator.


Flooré Underfloor Heating is hypoallergenic. Our system prevents the development of dust mites and mold spores.

Doorsills don’t need to be raised
Minimal reduction in room height
Greater freedom to choose floors of varying thicknesses



Unleash your creativity – we’re not going to stop you.

Let’s be honest. Getting to the point where you can lay your carefully chosen tiled floor or hang the first strip of your dream wallpaper takes a while. We’re here to make your journey a little easier. If you want to give a room a makeover, you can still lay underfloor heating at the same time. When doing up a room, the final overall height of the finished floor is an important factor. This is vital if you want to avoid having to raise doorsills and keep the same room height as far as possible. Perhaps your dream floor is a proper tiled floor? By keeping the height of our underfloor heating panels to a minimum, you can have both. Our thinnest panel is just 13 mm thick!

Kit with lowest installation heightCombine up to 24 m²