The optimal air humidity makes your home healthier


HomEvap keeps the optimal air humidity in your home.

Air Humidity in the winter

The right air humidity is more important than you think.

Improved health and comfort

HomEvap is a preventive measure against the most common human diseases: the viral respiratory infections such as colds and influenza. HomEvap facilitates breathing, reduces asthma and allergy problems in your home. A relative humidity of around 40-50% is perceived as comfortable by humans and it eliminates winter viruses since they cannot survive in the air.
Prevent asthma and influenza

Ease of installation

HomEvap is mounted on your ventilation system and fits all heat recovery ventilation systems with exception of extract air heat pumps. It is connected directly to the ventilation system and installed between air ducts. The built-in heater increases the capacity when needed.
Installation of HomEvap in your house

Safe, natural and energy efficient

HomEvap is based on a natural process of water evaporation where no chemicals are needed. The humidifier is standard equipped with a Legiosafe® water filter which guarantees a healthy and safe operation. The humidifier has a hygrometer that ensures that the humidity is always at the correct level.
Benefits with HomEvap


Well insulated homes with mechanical ventilation and heat recovery.
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Legiosafe® water filter

The HomEvap is equipped with a Legiosafe® water filter that works naturally without the risk of bacterial growth or legionella.

Air humidification lowers the risk of contagious respiratory diseases:

among children
among adults