This is how HomEvap humidifiers work in your home

The cold in Scandinavia during the winter season creates very dry air in our homes. When it gets colder than 5°C outside, the moisture content of the outdoor air drops. During the wintertime when we take in the cold, dry air in our homes and heat it up, the relative moisture content in the air becomes too low. The air humidity can be as low as 10% compared to the optimum humidity of 40%.

We need a lot of fresh air to feel good. Previously, all houses were built according the principle of natural ventilation. This is because a house is not completely sealed. Cracks in the facade, as well as leaky floors allow the air to flow into the house. But new energy requirements have led to the fact that houses built since the 1970s have been considerably better insulated. To get the right amount of mechanical ventilation with the help of fans was introduced.

Floorés HomEvap is a safe and energy efficient air humidifier that is connected to your mechanical ventilation system. HomEvap automatically moisturizes the air and makes your home feel better and more comfortable during the winter, eliminating shrinkage cracks, hard-closed doors and static electricity.

HomEvap is an innovation inspired by the latest research on healthy homes. Together with Flooré underfloor heating that prevents the growth of dust mites and mold spores, you get a comfortable indoor climate that contributes to a better health.

Låg luftfuktighet i ditt hem

How dry air affects your home:

  • Wooden floors and wooden furniture shrink and crack
  • Wallpaper gets cracks
  • The paint dries, gets cracks and flakes.
  • Doors lock and shut when closing
  • The potted plants dry out faster
  • Static electricity


Well insulated homes with mechanical ventilation and heat recovery.
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Legiosafe® water filter

The HomEvap is equipped with a Legiosafe® water filter that works naturally without the risk of bacterial growth or legionella.

Air humidification lowers the risk of contagious respiratory diseases:

among children
among adults