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We help you find the right products and the right distributor for your new underfloor heating. Follow our simple guide and request a quote.
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Choose system

Choose type of underfloor heating

Choose between underfloor heating with panels, embedded underfloor heating or underfloor heating plates.
You can control the heat in different rooms, or different areas in one room by adding a thermostat per room/area.
When underfloor heating will be combined with radiators, you need a mixing unit.
Do you need help with planning and drawing for separate areas or additional floors? Send this form for every area/floor. Check the checkbox to tell us that this form is part of several posted forms.

Flooré underfloor heating with panels from 13 mm

Fast and efficient heating – Aluminium foil coated panels Lay your new floor on top of the old one! – Underfloor heating can be laid on most subfloors Save time and money with fewer steps – Tiles can be laid directly on the panels
13 mm: Retain as much room height as possible by choosing our ultra thin panel. 25 mm & 50 mm: Reduce heat loss by selecting one of our panels with extra insulation.

Embedded underfloor heating

Easy installation – Fit the pipe under or on the reinforcement Affordable solution – The cheapest solution for a new build Flooré is the most efficient solution – Flooré Premium pipes offer the best heat transfer

Embedded underfloor heating with low installation height

Perfect for renovation projects. Our embedded kit is particularly suitable for use when renovating existing rooms. The heating pipes can be embedded in just 20 mm of putty or concrete.

Flooré underfloor heating with plates

Suitable for use with particle board from all known manufacturers – Our tube and plate dimensions can accommodate 22 mm grooved particle board Rapid heating and cooling – Heats and cools faster than embedded underfloor heating Calculations are included in our m2 prices – You will receive design drawings and CAD drawings from our underfloor heating experts


Heating Control

Guide – what type of room control is right for you? Flooré offers a number of different options for controlling underfloor heating. Smart Home – wireless control from a cellphone, tablet or computer It saves you energy by enabling you to control your heating system from your cellphone, tablet or computer. Turn down the heat in specific rooms that are not used when you are away from home or at night when you are sleeping. Wireless control – The thermostats are battery-powered. Easier to install as no cables need to be laid. Flooré Wired control Wired control – Low purchase cost and constant temperature.
Our installation cabinets for underfloor heating make it easy to hide the underfloor heating system fittings. The cabinets are made of white painted sheet metal and the indoor variant in accordance with the Säker Vatten safe water regulations, with a sealed base with rubber grommets for the underfloor heating pipes and a recess in the base for any water that might leak to be directed to a location where it can quickly be detected. The cabinets have space to install a heating control unit above the manifold.


Attach a drawing of your room or rooms

All we need is a drawing of your room or rooms with measurements or according to scale, and we can help you with product calculation and planning. Specify area for underfloor heating.
Upload drawing or send drwaing directly to

Contact Information

Contact information

For a faster process, choose desired distributor and, if applicable, name of the person you have already been in contact with. A quote will be sent directly to the distributor.
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Flooré panel underfloor heating instruction video

Installing Flooré panels in a newly built detached house in Njurunda