Mixing units for underfloor heating

Flooré mixing units

If the underfloor heating is connected to an existing water-based heating system, such as radiators, a mixing unit needs to be installed.

The mixing unit pumps water around the underfloor heating coils and mixes most of the cool return water from the underfloor heating with incoming hot water from the radiator system. If the mixing unit is not used, the water temperature will be far too high. Water-based underfloor heating is what is termed a low temperature system, which means that the flow temperature is significantly lower than would be required for conventional radiator systems.

Flooré offers different shunts depending on the size of the area to be controlled:

Mixing Unit FS 36 mini

Shunt for controlling single rooms up to 36 m2

Complete shunt for single rooms at the same temperature. A maximum of three coils.

Shunt for controlling several rooms up to 90 m2

Complete shunt with manifold for three, four or five coils. Makes it possible to have a different temperature in each coil.

Shunt for controlling several rooms up to 175 m2

Our most powerful shunt for larger areas. Can be mounted on the underfloor heating manifold to control the temperature in each coil.