Prices by sqm for Flooré underfloor heating for wooden floors

370,00 kr
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Used with spaced mounting or grooved particle boards.

m2 price for complete kit:

  • Plates
  • Pipes
  • Pipe Fittings
  • Design Drawing

Our kits, containing pipes and heat dispersing aluminium plates, are installed under the floor within a load-bearing structure made of either spaced scantling laid across the joists
or self-supporting particle boards with pre-milled grooves for underfloor heating.
For the plates, we primarily recommend our premium pipes, which due to their aluminium core benefit from more than 600 per cent less length expansion when exposed to heat, which is advantageous in terms of minimising noise from the floor as pipes expand when the heating is switched on.

Our Swedish-made products are available at prices comparable to those of all known underfloor heating panel brands.
When you buy materials from Flooré, you can feel secure in the knowledge that we are available to provide any support and technical calculations you may need, and that our complete square metre prices always include a design drawing for your specific situation.

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