Prices by sqm for Flooré embedded underfloor heating

130,00 kr
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m2 price for complete kit

  • Pipe support rail or cable ties
  • Underfloor heating pipes
  • Pipe fittings
  • Design drawing provided at no extra charge

– 16 mm pipe for smaller areas <150 m2 – 20 mm pipe for larger areas > 150 m2 – c/c 200 mm for living areas – c/c 300 mm for garages and industrial applications.

Embedded underfloor heating is the most common type of underfloor heating in new-build houses, where you can easily and affordably lay the underfloor heating tubes directly in the foundations. The tubes can be placed either directly on the insulation and attached to the connector strips or laid on top of the reinforcement and attached to the reinforcement mesh with cable ties or tying wire.

Trying to decide between embedded underfloor heating or a panel-based system?
An advantage of embedded underfloor heating is that it is often more affordable based on purchase price alone. Flooré’s panels provide more efficient heating, which means reduced costs over time.

Embedded underfloor heating entails high flexibility in terms of installation, as you can easily place tubes under walls and at different distances.

The benefits of Flooré panels are that they conduct heat more efficiently and react faster when you adjust the temperature of the underfloor heating (45 minutes instead of up to eight hours). With embedded underfloor heating, the heating pipes warm the entirety of the material used for the embedment, with heat radiating both upwards and downwards.   

We can help!

Let our experts look at your floor plans. We can then provide you with an orientation drawing and a list of products that you can take to your local dealer, who can quote you a price.

– Produce a floor plan of your rooms and indicate the m2
– Submit the floor plan at
– You will receive a proposal to take to your local dealer for pricing.

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