Manifold cabinet for surface mounting

Our installation cabinets for underfloor heating make it easy to hide the underfloor heating system fittings. The cabinets are made of white painted sheet metal and the indoor variant in accordance with the Säker Vatten safe water regulations, with a sealed base with rubber grommets for the underfloor heating pipes and a recess in the base for any water that might leak to be directed to a location where it can quickly be detected.

The cabinets have space to install a heating control unit above the manifold.

Space for the bypass and ball valve is included in the above calculation for underfloor heating manifolds.

Produktbild Artikelnummer EAN RSK Size
41586 - 550 x 710 x 140 mm
41587 - 850 x 710 x 140 mm
41588 - 1200 x 710 x 140 mm