HomEvap air humidifier

HomEvap helps to prevent the most common human diseases: the viral respiratory infections such as colds and influenza. HomEvap is a safe and energy efficient humidifier based on a natural process of water evaporation. HomEvap is mounted on your ventilation with heat recovery and fits all mechanical ventilation systems with exception of exhaust air heat pumps.

Each HomEvap is equipped with a Legiosafe® water filter that guarantees a healthy and safe air humidification. The built-in heater increases the humidification capacity if needed. Coupled directly to ventilation with heat recovery or between air ducts.

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How your home becomes healthier with HomEvap
Prevent asthma and colds with HomEvap
This is how HomEvap works in your home
Benefits of HomEvap

Technical Specsheet HomEvap Humidifier:

Adiabatic air humidifier
Voltage 230 V AC
Power consumption 0.01kw / 0.81kW with heater
Capacity humidification 0- 4 l/hr
Capacity cooling in watt max 2400
Material Non-flammable fiberglass media, glued organic
Housing EPP, expanded polypropylene
Connection air Round 200 internal
Water distributor LegioSafe waterfiltration distributor

Functions of the HomEvap:

– Humidification Pulsating between 5 -100%, via integrated electronic control. Including a combined Rh% and T sensor.
– external control signals Bacnet / modbus / on/off/automatic, 0- 10 volts, external enable.
– Display HEDISW display; shows relative humidity and temperature. Includes room sensor Rh%. Shows alarm messages, service statements and actual state of operation.
Water connection ¾ to 4mm Pushinfitting Crane adapter, 1.5 m hose length 4mm is supplied.
Water drain connection Spiral hose 16mm round 500mm lenght
Size 335Hx344Bx258D / duct connection r200 internal
Weight empty / full 3 kg / 3.8 kg

The HomEvap contains:

– Supply hose 4mm nylon hose with hose ring to ¾ inner thread
Length hose 1.5mtr.
– Condenser hose 16mm with spiral PVC length 0.7mtr.
– Humidistat wireless Electronic controller with humidity / temperature sensor. Including modular pulse / pause control, service, alarm and on/off status. LCD display with status notifications.
– Waterfiltration LegioSafe legionellafilter integrated in watersupply.