Flooré underfloor heating panels

Patented aluminium-coated EPS panel. Size: 1,175 x 768 mm.
Delivered folded in half in packaging containing 5 or 10 pieces

Flooré panels can be easily cut with a standard craft knife. All panels have pre-cut grooves and turning grooves for the pipes. Our 25 and 50 mm panels also feature diagonal return grooves. Thanks to the aluminium-coated panels, you can heat almost 100 per cent of the room’s surface.
Compare this with loose underfloor heating plates that offer just 70–80 per cent heat distribution. The panels can be easily secured with cementitious adhesives, floor adhesives or screws. At floore.se you can find instructions from the most common manufacturers of adhesives and cementitious adhesives.

Produktbild Artikelnummer EAN RSK Description Höjd
41453 - För 12 mm rör. 10st/9kvm. 13 mm
41472 - För 12 mm rör. 5st/4,5kvm. 25 mm
41477 - För 12 mm rör. 5st/4,5kvm. 50 mm
41466 - För 16 mm rör. 10st/9kvm. 17 mm
41482 - För 16 mm rör. 5st/4,5kvm. 25 mm
41487 - För 16 mm rör. 5st/4,5kvm. 50 mm