The small details makes the big difference

Starting at 13 mm

The floor level don’t need to be raised
by more than 13 mm!

New channels momentarily

To use the return channels you just need to cut the foil in the U-turns that will be used. Press the foil into the channels using the back of the knife. It´s very easy to cut new channels locally by using a craft knife or electric router.

Ceramic tiles directly onto the system

For over 20 years ceramic tiles has been laid directly onto Flooré panels! This is unique and works perfect as long as you use products that has been tested and approved with Flooré panels. For bathrooms where you shower directly onto the floor, screed and moisture barrier have to be applied above the panel prior to setting the tiles.

Patented panels

The concept is based on thin panels made of high density polystyrene covered with aluminium foil. This design makes it possible to lay the flooring material directly on top of the panels. The panels emit heat more quickly and efficiently than traditional embedded systems because the distance between the pipe and floor surface is shorter and have lower thermal mass.

Can be installed on all surfaces

Flooré panels can be installed over most existing floors without any need to dig up the old floor. There is no need for expensive and time consuming screeds. You can even set your new floor on top of the old one.

Pipe dimensions

The panels can be used for PEX, PE-RT or Multilayer pipes, our standard production is for  12, 14 and 16 mm pipes. But we also have special OEM-products for 17 and 20 mm pipes. If there is a request we are always willing to see if it is possible to customize a product to meet the demand.

Superior design software

Together with the panels comes an design program that has been developed over the last 20 years. Please read more about this in our Design program manual.

All in one-panel

Consist of a panels with straight and return channel in the same panel. This makes it very easy with installation, sales and stock keeping.

Cutting the panels

It is very easy to cut the panels to suitable length. All you need is a straight ruler and a Stanley knife (craft knife).


Flooring material

Flooré panels can be used underneath all types of flooring material. Wood, parquet or laminate can be set floating. Detailed information is available in our installation manuals.


Customized solutions

Our flexible and fully automated production enables us to produce many different types of  panels. We can easily change raw materials, distance between pipes and pipe dimension.  The products can be customized exactly as our OEM-customer requires.

For walls and ceiling

Installation is possible in floors, walls and ceiling.



For heating and cooling

The same panel can be used for both heating and cooling.