Floor Heating

Our aim is to offer you the best possible underfloor heating solution

Investing in underfloor heating is a clever choice for many reasons. Water underfloor heating is flexible, economical, comfortable and safe. The flexibility lies in that you can connect the system to whichever heat source you have.

Above all, it gives you a pleasant thermal experience. Since the heat is supplied close to the flooring surface, the room is heated from the floors and upwards, making the heating process effective and efficient. We are happiest when our feet are warmer than our heads!

Without any radiators in the way, you can furnish the room just as you wish.

Underfloor heating made easy!

Flooré’s thinnest underfloor heating panel means that the floor level need not be raised more than 13 mm. Because of this low extra height, the panels can be used in new buildings and also for renovation purposes.

Flooré panels can be installed over most existing floors without any need to dig up the old floor. There is no need for expensive and time consuming screeds. You can even set your new floor on top of the old one!

The Flooré underfloor heating panel is a patented Swedish product. It is a predecessor to another type which was developed in a project together with the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH, Stockholm) back in 1991. We can proudly say that Flooré has a long experience with underfloor heating system.